The Radical Jesus for Today

This article is linked to a talk that will be given in April 2021 by Rev'd John Churcher to the Gloucestershire PCN group. John argues that we cannot know the…

The Authority of the Four Gospels - John Sutcliffe

At the November 5th meeting of the Gloucestershire PCN Group, John Sutcliffe considered different aspects of the 4 Gospels and the relationship with society at the time they were written…


Notes on the Group Meeting on the 6th February 2016 to discuss Fundamentalism

Visit of Sybil and Jerry McAleese

Jerry and Sybil last visited us 5 years ago so this was an update of their faith journey. They came to the Gloucestershire PCN June meeting.

Beyond Forgiving

Poster giving details of the 10th May meeting

The Language of Faith

Eric Massey meeting notes from the group meeting - 1 March 2014

A New Parable

This is an example from Frank Godfrey of a new parable for today


Account of meeting held Feb 2014


Incarnation When my daughter was born I sat back on the pillows and looked. I didn’t touch, I didn’t speak. I didn’t want to touch or speak. This child was…


There are places we may never see, Where fields and streams and fallen tree, Mark the ground where young men fell Remembered now by poppies red , the paths they…

Honest to God 2: Criticism

Frank Godfrey’s Review as presented to the 2nd February meeting of the Gloucestershire Group

Honest to God 2 : Outline

'Honest to God' 2 Outline as presented to the 2nd February Group Meeting

Honest to God 1: Outline

'Honest to God' Outline as presented to the 5th January Group Meeting

Launch of the PCN Britain new initiative for churches

On Saturday 15th September PCN held a conference, “A Jesus shaped church, Christian shaped lives” led by Adrian Alker. During this event we handed out new leaflets designed for members…

Towards a progressive communion

Progressive liturgy is in fact many genres not one. At one level it may simply reflect traditional theology but substituting inclusive terminology for words such as Father. At another level…

What do we mean by 'progressive'?

Our group convenor Frank Godfrey penned these paragraphs over two separate occasions. They are informed by our group discussion and also by Frank's own understanding.

Personal Credo by James

The group spent one session listing to each member's personal statement of belief. We were asked to come up with statements we felt we could make with the most integrity…