Programme Archive

09/08/2020 Thinking Aloud Allowed: Bring a Beverage (& a question)
12/07/2020 Thinking Aloud Allowed - PCN film night!
14/06/2020 Thinking Aloud Allowed
10/05/2020 Thinking Aloud Allowed: Towards a new Jerusalem
12/04/2020 Thinking Allowed Online
09/02/2020 Thinking Allowed with Communion
12/01/2020 Thinking Allowed January
08/12/2019 Thinking Aloud Allowed - December
10/11/2019 Thinking Aloud Allowed: Remembrance as a validation of our own experience
13/10/2019 Thinking Allowed Progressive gathering
08/09/2019 Thinking Allowed - Tree of Life Interfaith & Intercommunal Celebration
14/07/2019 Thinking Allowed Progressive Christian gathering
12/05/2019 Thinking Allowed: Incarnation
14/04/2019 Thinking Allowed Progressive Communion service
14/03/2019 NB NEW details: March Meeting - Brexit: What would Jesus do?
10/03/2019 Thinking Allowed: Progressive Evangelism
11/02/2019 February meeting: Conciousness
10/02/2019 Thinking Allowed
14/01/2019 January meeting: Are things getting better?
13/01/2019 Thinking Allowed
12/11/2018 Predestination or Free Will?
08/10/2018 How do you define God?
10/09/2018 What is Life?
02/09/2018 Thinking Allowed ‘on tour’
13/08/2018 Beyond Belief
12/08/2018 Thinking Allowed
08/07/2018 Thinking Allowed: And can it be? - Singing our Faith
10/06/2018 Thinking Allowed: Progressive Communion
13/05/2018 Thinking Allowed: an insight into progressive christianity
11/03/2018 Thinking Allowed
01/07/2017 Dave Tomlinson at Brighthelm Progressive Christians
27/06/2017 Nigel Nash:  LGBTQ people’s experience in faith communities
22/04/2017 Brighthelm Progressive Christians: Choose Life - Resurrection and what that means for Progressive Christians.
28/03/2017 What is Progressive Religion?
25/03/2017 Brighthelm Progressive Christians ... Lent or Given? ... Looking for life on the way to Easter
28/01/2017 Brighthelm Progressive Church
26/11/2016 Launch of Brighthelm Progressive Church
26/09/2016 “A Theology of Liberation”
12/07/2016 Really?
07/06/2016 Multifaith vs Interfaith
03/05/2016 May Meeting
12/01/2016 First meeting of 2016: Radical Inclusivity
04/11/2015 Drinking at other wells ...
21/09/2015 The God we don’t believe in