Group Profile

Contact Details

Convenor: Sue Harrington
Location: Brighton
Phone: 07943 401608

About Us

We are a friendly Brighton-based group.  We think our approach will appeal particularly to readers of the books of Bishop Spong and those who find difficulty with the traditional beliefs of the Church. Also those who enjoy exploring ideas and questions in a relaxed and informal, radically inclusive atmosphere.
Do come to our meetings.

Venue & Meeting Times

We are meeting on an ad hoc basis at the moment with details of venue as part of the event information.

Group History

We began life in September 2015.  They say Brighton is the most ‘Godless’ town in Britain.  We think it depends on what your concept of ‘God’ happens to be.  We take an inclusive view of faith and hope to meet others who are not tied down by creeds or dogma.

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