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Convenor: Keith Baker
Location: Oadby - Leicester

About Us

We are a small group that started as a Methodist house meeting, under the name “Questing Believers”. This name we use when advertising our meetings in the local churches. At present we have 7 regular members we meet as a house group on a monthly basis. We are delighted to welcome occasional visitor.

In our meetings we considered that much of the traditional expression of the Christian Faith does not ring true and we fail to engage with young people in the 21st century.

We are affiliated to PCN Britain and are open to those of other faith backgrounds or none.
The meetings include issues of the moment as they arise in the news, or through personal experience.

We have held 3 PCN meetings at Oadby Methodist Church, at each of the meeting 40+ people from the local area attended.

Venue & Meeting Times

These are fixed at each meeting to suit the time when most can attend.
At our meeting today (8th November 2017) we viewed the Sea Of Faith of the meeting held this year in Leicester. We reflected on Don Cupitt's sagacious view of contemporary faith perspectives.This can be found on the Sea of Faith web site under sea of faith Leicester.
We have had a session looking at poetry. Each of us brought along a couple of poems which spoke to them. A great sharing experience.

Our next meeting is at Keith Bakers home 5 Ventnor Road LE2.
Date and time to be arranged.
When we will be discussing the aspects of a church service.

Group History

Affiliated to PCN Britain September 2013.

A half day conference September 2015 with Dr Val Webb speaking on “FAITH, DOUBTS, AND BELIEF AT THE TABLE TOGETHER”

A half day conference 22nd October 2016 with Rev Adrian Alker speaking on

This year on Sunday 7th May 2017 at 3pm we had the very good fortune to have a return visit by Dr Val Webb speaking on
A Sunday afternoon talk by Val. It was a great pleasure to have this return visit by Val and her husband Maurice.

Val gave a brilliant inspirational sermon at the following Church evening service.

3 of us went to the Marcus Borg Memorial service in Bristol.
Some have since become regular viewers of the you tube of the Mayfower Church in Oklahoma and highly recommend it.

We are an open group and welcome anyone who wishes to join us.
Please get in touch.

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