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Convenor: Monty Lynds
Location: Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire
Phone: 01908 543206

About Us

We are a very friendly lively group, we meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month in member's houses. We always start with a shared meal then we discuss/listen to/debate the month's topic and we always finish with a simple act of worship. Hopefully we are a very welcoming group who are very happy to meet new "searchers/fellow travellers" our discussions are always open and honest; we don't always expect to agree!
We generally don't follow any prescribed "course" but month by month decide at the previous meeting who will research/present about an agreed topic, this maybe linked to recent lectures/conferences attended, an article or book recently read and which is felt would be of interest to the group etc. Topics covered recently include, Chris Howson's book,"Just Church" and the subject of Liberation Theology in general, one of Giles Frazer's essays/articles and feedback and discussion following several of our group members attendance at two excellent PCN sponsored events led by Dave Tomlinson and Jim Kenney, both have given us much food for thought!
We would love to hear from any interested parties, please email Monty Lynds to get information of location and content etc. of next meeting/s.
The group also sponsors fifth Sunday alternative/progressive liturgies' held each fifth Sunday at 4pm in St Nicholas church Potterspury, Northants. These services generally follow the Celtic turn of the year. The next service is to be held on Tuesday 1st January (New Year's day) at 4pm (I know its not the 5th Sunday but we didn't think 30th December would be very popular). Anyone interested in learning more please contact Monty on

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