Group Profile

Contact Details

Convenor: Nigel Jones
Location: North Staffordshire
Phone: 01782 632895

About Us

Progressive Christianity Stoke on Trent meets monthly on Sunday evenings at the Quaker Meeting House (details below).
All are welcome, including agnostics, atheists, lapsed churchgoers, ‘born again’ Christians and people of all or no faith. No pressure, no prayers or hymns, just a chance to listen or join in as you wish.

Venue & Meeting Times

Meetings are generally on the first Sunday of each month and take place in the Quaker Meeting House:
2 Miller Street, (off King St)

Please see the 'Events Programme' page for full details of our meetings, dates and times. We do not meet in January and usually start the year on the first Sunday in March.

Group History

The group was originally founded as a series of weekly meetings under the umbrella title- 'Agnostics OK' by Ian Gregory, a local Congregational minister, preacher and former journalist. It was intended to provide an alternative to church as a forum for those of all backgrounds, but especially those who for one reason or another turned away from church but still wanted to engage in spirituality. After these meetings finished a monthly meeting came about consisting of a format similar to 'Agnostics OK', the group learned of 'PCN Britain' and realised that its values encompassed those of the group. 'North Staffordshire Progressive Christianity Group' was born!
Many years ago, Ian formed a group called the Polite Society, encouraging everyone to be polite to everyone and he often enjoyed a pint in a local pub. When a restaurant/pub opened nearby, they called it "The Polite Vicar" and that name has stuck.

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