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Convenor: Carole Wynn
Location: Hampshire
Phone: 023 9242 1448

About Us

In 2005 Martin Godfrey created what he called the 'Hampshire Hub', a network for people living in and around Hampshire. A number of discussion groups started. Most have now died.

The two long-lasting groups are the Southsea Group and the A27 Book Club. Since March 2020 it has been impossible to meet in the homes of members, and it is still not clear whether or when that will happen again in the future.

For the present a few members (seven of us) have been meeting via Zoom. We have enjoyed discussing the 5 PCN films, with their excellent talking points. We are now discussing topics led by different members of the group. Recent topics have included articles from 'Reform' (a URC magazine), some ideas of Jung, and reflections on the 'Jefferson Bible'. Future topics will include 'The wounded healer', and 'Zen Buddhism and Christianity'. This is an open group, so please contact us if you would like to join us.

Venue & Meeting Times

The A27 Book Club met once a month in various homes, between Romsey and Fareham. The Southsea Group met once a month in a home in Southsea.
During ‘lockdown’ we have been meeting via Zoom - again on a monthly basis, for 90 minutes on a Monday morning.

Group History

The Hub was set up in the Spring of 2005 following a Sea of Faith road show held in Southampton the previous Autumm. The speakers at that event included Don Cupitt and David Boulton. Volunteers set up local discussion groups in Alton, Havant, and Barton-on-Sea. PCN Solent, which had already been meeting in Southampton, joined in to provide coverage of most of the county. They invited Adrian B Smith to lead a day conference in April 2005.
Until 2020 the Hub - this network of different groups - has been convened and supported by Martin Godfrey: new ones created, with some rising out of the ashes of others that have died. Most have now died.

During ‘lockdown’ the Interim Convenor is Carole Wynn.

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