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Convenor: Raymond Eveleigh
Location: Driffield
Phone: 01262 420062

About Us

The group is led by Rev. Raymond Eveleigh at the email above, a retired Anglican Priest living in Kilham with his wife Brenda. The group is much reduced in numbers as a result of the pandemic. We now have three members; two retired Anglican priests and one Quaker. At present we are studying the papers of the late Bishop Richard Wood, bishop of Namibia in the 1980's. These will be published here in the coming months.
We meet monthly at present on 'Zoom'.

Venue & Meeting Times

We meet monthly on 'ZOOM'. Our number is much reduced but the enthusiasm is not.

Group History

Do you sometimes wonder just exactly what you do or do not believe? Do you ever wonder how the story of Christianity really came about? Do you have doubts or questions? Mary Mason did. Mary was a member of St. Peter’s Church, Langtoft, in the East Riding, for many years until her death in 2001. She was a deeply committed Christian lady who had an enquiring mind. During my time as Rector of the Langtoft Benefice I had the privilege of sharing and discussing her deepest thoughts about Christianity. She had many challenging questions to ask regarding the faith of the Church and was moved to write down some of her questions early one morning after a sleepless night. At the breakfast table she wrote her questions on the back of an empty cornflakes packet which she presented to me on my next visit - hence the term ‘Cornflakes Theology’ as a title for her thoughts. Those thoughts caused me to develop the idea of ‘Cornflakes Theology’ in which I invite you to share through meetings, courses and the internet.

Copies of the full version of Mary’s Meditation will be available at the meetings or please go to For further information contact, me Ray

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