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The Winchester Dialogues are conversations with leading figures from the Church, the arts and politics, discussing the changing relationship between the Church and State and the challenge of faith in the 21st century. In the Autumn 2014 series the guests of interviewer John Miller have been broadcasters Sir Mark Tully and John Simpson. Still to come are churchmen Richard Chartres and Rowan Williams.
Friday 14th November 7 pm in the Winchester Guildhall - Richard Chartres
Friday 5th December 7 pm in the Stripe Lecture Theatre, University of Winchester - Rowan Williams.
Tickets £10 each conversation from the Winchester Cathedral Box Office
Tel 01962 8572755 Online

Also in Winchester, the Autumn Series of ‘Space in the City’ featured ‘The Seven Deadly Virtues? Are the virtues of Faith, Hope, Restraint, Justice, Courage, Prudence and Love something still worth striving for in this 21st century post-modern world of ours, or are they just too out-moded for words? To listen to the seven speakers go to

‘Can we believe Genesis today? was the title of the latest public lecture of the Central South local group of in Science. The speaker was Dr Ernest Lucas. Recordings of this and previous lectures may be heard on the group’s web site

Some Hampshire residents attended a conference in Oxford in September in which Gretta Vosper spoke on ‘With or Without God - why the way we live is more important than what we believe’ Further information on this conference is given on the PCN-Britain Home Page.

Karen Armstrong delivered the Free Thinking Lecture on ‘The Limits of Knowledge’ in Gateshead on 31st October. It was broadcast on Radio 3 and is available on I-player.

The Newbury PCN Group are hosting an evening with Val Webb, author of ‘In Defence of Doubt’ on Friday 17th April 2015. Hampshire Hub readers are welcome to attend.

Notice of other upcoming local, regional and national events will be posted in the January bulletin.

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