September news

Our September meeting heard an Oral History programme involving people of all ages across Gloucestershire, at the end of the Twentieth Century. Reflecting the impact of the Church on their lives we heard how people were let down, frozen out, frightened, harshly judged and bullied by their church. What was noticeable is how many young people were put off church for life by these experiences. We also heard of huge generosity and compassion shown by church members getting together to help someone in need. It was good to see James again and to welcome Patrick, a friend of Judy Clinton’s. James, being treasurer of our little band, relieved Chris of the takings from the last five months and handed some of it over to Judy Potts for use of the room.

Judy and Glenis were both unwell and we hold them in our thoughts and prayers

Looking ahead: I brought with me to the September meeting six copies of Godless Morality by Richard Holloway, all of which have been taken. I got the books from Abe Books – second hand in good condition. They are also available second-hand from Amazon. Through Abe Books you should get a copy for between £2-3. Delivery is usually free. From Amazon they are cheaper, but I suspect there would be a delivery charge.

The plan is to take the first two chapters on October 5th. If people wish to continue in November, we’d take the 3rd and 4th chapters then. There are six chapters altogether so we could, if we wished, continue for one more month, but I’m not making any assumptions at this stage. There is an introduction, which contains some good thoughts, though the language seemed to be a bit more academic compared with the rest of the book. So I’m viewing the introduction as optional since the ideas emerge later in the book in a form more easy to follow.

Maureen has volunteered to chair the October meeting lead the session on the book. I’d welcome anyone else volunteering to lead on Chapts 3 and 4 in November, assuming you wish to continue. In the absence of a volunteer, I could lead that session myself. But another person would be better.

Looking ahead even further: We agreed that it would be nice to have a ‘bring and share’ lunch on Saturday January 4th. We’ll gather at 1.00pm for 1.30pm and will go our merry way at 4pm. Thanks to Judy for sorting the booking. As in previous years everyone is invited to bring with them a passage, a poem or reading of any kind which they would like to share.

Best wishes to all
Andy Vivian, Convenor

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