Frank Godfrey's letter

Hello Everyone.

I thought our Andy-Vivian-led meeting went well last Saturday (September 3rd). He shared a most useful collection of recorded interviews of people sharing twentieth century ‘church’ experiences. Some of these were encouraging, but most were critical , even painful, demonstrating total lack of care or compassion for an individual in need. We questioned the priorities of church life, its concern with liturgy, worship, and the challenge to believing in God.

“Free to Believe” is a radical discussion group in the URC church, paralleling our PCN group. Martin Camroux records that their name derives from the title of a book by David Jenkins, the late Bishop of Durham, who when once asked about his faith said

God is
God is as God is in Jesus
So there is hope.

Next meeting October 2nd when we shall reflect (theologically?) on what the papers say. David and Joan and others will lead but please bring your paper along too!

We want to thank Eric for the leadership he has provided for our group over the last months, sharing his experiences and insights with us and making us think. He has done this on top of a heavy workload, and we have valued his contribution. We are glad that he will continue to join us when he can.

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