Frank Godfrey Letter 26 Sept 2013

Hello PCN ‘ers,
Our next meeting is October 5th when I hope we shall be able to expand after our ‘broom cupboard’ meeting. We decided that first those who were at Greenbelt should be able to share their experiences of that event with us all - we hope the month’s wait does not dim memories or enthusiasm. Then we shall return to the theme of pcn worship.What is worship for? What do we hope may happen? What moments, happenings in the course of services have proved personally helpful?
Eric has agreed to act as convenor of our Gloucestershire group .It will be helpful if we recognise what this role involves and maybe share out some aspects of leading our group life.

Frank G.

Came across a helpful quote in a Methodist Recorder recently, by Inderjit Bhogal, now a leader of the Corrymeela community.

...Reconciliation is an ongoing endless pilgrimage and process, and not a project with a timed and measurable destination.
Reconciliation requires holding and healing each other through remembering,sharing stories of hurt, arriving at repentance, forgiveness and a commitment to living with more grace and generosity. It embraces economic, ecumenical and environmental justice. Reconciliation is demanding and requires costly commitment, including making racism, sectarianism, oppression and bigotry utterly unacceptable…....

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