Frank Godfrey Letter 21 Aug 2013

Dear Gloucester PCN friends…..

Hope you have all had refreshing holidays and like us were blessed with good weather.
I think I may have led you astray by suggesting Sept 1st was a Saturday. Sorry about that- it is in fact a Sunday! This means that I am suggesting Aug. 31st as the date of our next meeting .
Eric can be there to lead our discussion and I hope you can be there too.
You probably noticed in the June issue of Progressive voices, that the September issue will be celebrating PCN’s tenth birthday . It will be very interesting to see the ways in which PCN has influenced thought and life of many folk in that short time. Certainly there is now a marvellous profusion of sermons, lectures articles, with creative theological thinking appearing, not just from PCN but associated ‘liberal’ groups and their members. An encouraging focus of renewal in the life of the Christian church
Looking forward to a new year of sharing… Frank G

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