Frank Godfrey Letter 2 Sept 2013

Dear Gloucester PCN friends…..
Seventeen of us met on Saturday in what was likened to a broom cupboard We could not have squeezed anyone else in ! We had to meet in the other section of our L shaped room, and close the screen, because the church was hosting a strawberry tea, and the kitchen noise would have been too much for our discussion. (By the time
we finished there were no strawberries left…...).
We were delighted to welcome two visitors – Indigo Redfern from Dursley, a
Quaker, and Hilma Wilkinson who had recently moved down to Newent from Skipton in N. Yorkshire. Both seemed to find themselves at home in the lively discussion that followed.
I think it would be fair to describe the discussion as “wide ranging”! We were trying to focus on our sources of inspiration in words, ideas, pictures and this led Eric to suggest that we should create our own ‘PCN ‘ act of worship which we could use and the group agreed.
Several members of the group had attended “Greenbelt” and felt there was a great deal they had experienced which they wanted to share with us, and that will be the initial theme for our next meeting.
The annual financial report was presented indicating a balance of £62.77 in the kitty and a donation of £75 to Christchurch.
As you know, Wendy and I have had a rough time this year, in terms of health
and I know I am not longer able to offer the group the leadership it needs . I have taken some ‘soundings’ and have asked Eric if he would be willing to become group convener.and to my relief and pleasure he has agreed. I hope you are all happy about this – all who shared our ‘broom cupboard’ meeting will appreciate the excellent way in which he led the group there .
Next Meeting October 5th, 2.30.Theme Greenbelt/ PCN worship
Frank G.

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