Arguments for and against switching back from Zooming to meeting in person

On July 3rd 2021, Progressive Christianity Gloucestershire discussed whether to stay meeting on Zoom or to switch back to in person meetings

Meeting in person makes it possible to have social one-to-one chats afterwards over tea. It would allow us to do certain things we can’t do on Zoom, like practicing Buddhist chants, which Tenjo has promised to do with us. On the other hand, where people choose to wear masks, it may be more difficult to hear each other. Also, some people are still nervous about meeting inside. Meeting outside is an option while the weather is warm enough. Brockworth would be a better venue for this than Abbeydale where the traffic is busier.

The arguments for Zooming were as follows

 means that we reduce our carbon footprint

 allows friends and interested strangers from further afield to join us

 makes it easier for speakers to accept our invitations

We concluded that we would continue to meet on Zoom but that we would like to have 2 – 3 meetings a year in person, where the emphasis is on being sociable, like we have often done at Christmas. We felt the time was not yet ripe to decide on the dates for these get-togethers but believe it will become possible to do so as life settles down.

If more people start to feel meeting in person three times a year is not enough, then we can always revisit this decision. For instance, the idea of alternating meetings between Zoom and in person was rejected today but might be a possibility in the future.

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