Beyond Belief update (updated!)

I thought a brief update might be in order now we’ve been meeting again for a few months.

We’ve had some really interesting discussions on some pretty big questions, but we’re always looking out for new ideas and subjects to stimulate conversations. So if you’d like to come along, we’d love to welcome you.
If you’re too far away to attend in person, you can join us in our Facebook group “Beyond Belief” where a conversation might take off in a similar fashion:

(Alternatively we also have a Progressive Christian Facebook group: Progressive Christians in Brighton & Hove - @BtonHoveProgressiveChristians )

We meet on the second Monday of each month at The Craft Beer Co, 22-23 Upper North Street, Brighton BN1 3FG.

The meeting proper starts at 7:30pm in one of the upstairs meeting rooms but we start arriving from about 7 pm to get drinks in (buy your own) and welcome one another.

Sadly the venue no longer serves food on a Monday but they are happy for us to bring food in or have it delivered if required, so if you’re coming along either eat first, bring something or maybe order it to be delivered by 7.30pm.
As the name suggests the pub has a huge range of interesting beers and ciders (for those who do) and a range of other drinks including a couple of non-alcoholic beers alongside ginger beer, lemonade etc (for those who don’t).

We are still basically a group of questioning people (some come from a faith background and some don’t) meeting together to chew over some meaty topics in a respectful manner. We’d be very happy to see new faces join our group ...

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