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Convenor: Kaitlyn Steele
Location: Bristol
Phone: 07713 475673

About Us

Spaceforsoul is an inclusive, open-minded progressive Christian community which aims to support and resource people in making their own individual spiritual journeys. It is rooted in the progressive Christian tradition but also draws on the wealth of spiritual wisdom and inspiration to be found in other spiritual traditions. It recognises that everyone’s spiritual journey is unique and seeks to create a safe space in which we can experience a freedom to share our inner journeys, to explore our developing spirituality and to ‘live the questions’ that are meaningful for us.

It is a space in which there are no ‘right’ answers; which is free from unhelpful demands, expectations, restrictive structures or rules; which is not concerned with converting others to a particular way of thinking or of living out their spirituality; and which reflects a fundamental trust in our inner resources for change and growth at all levels of our being, including the spiritual. It seeks to give the soul room to breathe, to encourage a creative searching for the answers to life’s deepest questions, and to resource us in finding our own path to the Divine. It also seeks to enable us to deepen our sense of connectedness with our innermost self, with others and with the world around us - or in Henry David Thoreau’s words, to ‘live deep’ physically, psychologically, relationally and spiritually.

Spaceforsoul also has an educational arm called the Centre for Spiritual Exploration and Accompaniment (CSEA). Its aim is to support and resource people in their spiritual journeying through offering a range of affordable educational and personal and spiritual growth opportunities. It offers a range of courses and workshops with a focus on spirituality under the auspices of Spaceforsoul. These are led by appropriately qualified and experienced people who are committed to the ethos and vision of the organisation. The CSEA has recently launched a one year spiritual exploration course and a linked programme of e-courses entitled 'In Search of the Sacred: Exploring the spiritual journey'.

For further information, please see our website.

Venue & Meeting Times

Join us at our fortnightly informal get-togethers which we call Soulspace – an opportunity for us to talk, share, explore, reflect and simply be together for a while. You don't have to be a member of Spaceforsoul or to be involved in our community in any way to come along. Everyone is very welcome no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. 

Sunday morning meetings: two Sundays every month from 10.00 - 12.00 am
N.B. Check our website for the next meeting date

Venue: The Old Library, Eastville: Muller Rd, Bristol BS5 6UQ

Every Sunday that we spend together is different and is shaped by the individual needs and interests of the group. There are opportunities too to engage in a number of different activities during the time we spend together. We may, for example, spend time discussing particular questions or topics that we’re grappling with; explore our reactions to books or films that have particularly spoken to or challenged us spiritually; listen to and discuss talks given by progressive Christian speakers and writers; explore music, art or poetry that has inspired us; or simply share food and fellowship with each other.  

Spiritual journey groups

Spaceforsoul also runs two small spiritual journey groups of up to six people in the Bristol area. These groups run alongside our Sunday morning Soulspace meetings and people are free to attend either or both. They are hosted by a Spaceforsoul member and meet on a regular basis (generally once a fortnight). Attending a group does not cost anything and they are open to anyone who is interested. Each group decides when and how often it meets and how it uses the time spent together. Both of our spiritual journey groups are currently full but we are hoping to launch a third group later this year if there is sufficient interest.

If you would like to know more about our Soulspace meetings or if you might be interested in joining one of our spiritual journey groups, please contact us at

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