Studied Impressions of Jesus

What image of Jesus do we carry in our hearts and minds? Is it the gentle Jesus meek and mild of Sunday School days? Or have we been overwhelmed by the crucified Saviour image of much devotion over the centuries? Do films like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ or the Oberammergau production help us in forming those images of Christ? Can we get back to something approaching historical reality? Does this matter? Does Jesus matter?

Start Date:
Friday 19th July 2024
Start Time:
South Craven Baptist Church, Holme La, Sutton-in-Craven, Keighley, W Yorks, BD20 7LL
David Warrington
01535 637012
Rev'd Adrian Alker, founder of the Centre for Radical Christianity

‘For two thousand years the person of Jesus has continued to fascinate Christians and non Christians alike.’ Can the ‘real’ Jesus of Nazareth be rescued from the layers of tradition and doctrine and be once more a compelling figure for radical Christians today?’ Adrian Alker, who was Vicar of St Marks Broomhill, Sheffield for twenty years and founded the Centre for Radical Christianity there believes this is both a positive and necessary exercise for progressive Christians. On this day we will be encouraged both to share our impressions of Jesus - with the aid of a favourite piece of art if desired - and to see how Jesus the Man might also be considered the revolutionary Lord. Adrian is now the Director of Mission Resourcing for the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds and serves as a Trustee of PCN Britain.
There will be three sessions breaking this down to:
Jesus the Man
Jesus the Revolutionary
Jesus the Lord
Adrian will use a piece of art at the beginning of each session to illustrate the theme. You are invited to bring along a postcard or picture, or any image of Jesus which you find speaks to you…...

Booking Details

<p>Cost £5, concessions for PCN and South Craven Baptist Church members; includes refreshments but bring your own lunch.&nbsp; Car parking is available.&nbsp; Apply to David Warrington to book your place via</p>

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