Thomas Jay Oord

Thomas Jay Oord

PCN Britain is delighted, again, to welcome to the UK the American theologian Thomas Jay Oord, who will be speaking at a few different events, on the challenging topic of faith deconstruction.

Start Date:
Tuesday 13th August 2024
Start Time:
Sarah Guilfoyle
Thomas Jay Oord
PCN Britain
Free but donations welcomed

Each session will offer a hopeful and hope-filled vision of Christianity that doesn't rely on the traditional toxic traits of a violent and domineering deity. Dr Oord is a philosophical theologian and the author of a variety of popular books including 'The Uncontrolling Love of God' and 'God After Deconstruction'. He advocates an 'open and relational' approach to Christianity which says that the God who is love experiences what we experience, feels our pain and sadness, and is not able to control our actions. Expect answers for your questions, and questions for your answers as together we explore Christianity beyond deconstruction.

Tuesday 13th August: St Mark's Church, Sheffield.

Wednesday 14th August: TBC.

Thursday 15th August: Oasis Church, Hull.

Friday 16th August: York St John's University.

More details and booking links to come.

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