Warley Baptist Church

At Warley Baptist Church we try to practice the generous gospel of Jesus Christ.

This means you will be mixing with:

Seekers, searchers and those who have been bruised, those who rejoice and those who mourn, those who are worn out, burnt out and exhausted, those for whom life is filled with purpose and direction, those in fulfilling relationships and those who have failed to love, been cheated in love or who are afraid to receive love, those of various nationalities and sexualities, those who are strong in their faith and those who are besieged by questions and doubts, those rejected by other churches and those who have found meaningful community here for the first time, those who have broken their promises, those who have been betrayed, those bowed down with burdens, those for whom the grip of alcohol or work, drugs or sex, money or unnamed powers is getting stronger and those for whom that grip is loosening, and goodness knows how many others… indeed anyone like those who Jesus chose to spend time with.

​This is not a private club – it is a community open to all people. And, though we are not yet strong and vulnerable enough to show the unconditional love of God at all times, we hope we are moving in the right direction.

Contact Details

Castle Road East
West Midlands
B68 9BJ