Memorial Church, Cambridge

This church is the home of a modern, progressive, free-thinking and free-religious community. We seek to offer people committed to the well-being of a secular, scientifically literate and democratic society, ways by which they may continue intelligently to engage with that society’s liberal Christian, radical Enlightenment, religious-naturalist and humanist heritage, as well as with other, non-Christian religious and philosophical traditions, which have contributed so much of worth and value to our modern, cosmopolitan culture.

We seek to do this by offering people opportunities for personal, intellectual and spiritual growth within a supportive, conversational community that attempts always to be kindly, lively, open-minded and truthful.

Here there is only one orthodoxy, namely, a love of truth that is a sincere desire to understand how the world is and our place in it.

Contact Details

5 Emmanuel Road
Contact: Andrew Brown
Tel: 01223 576952