The Sanctuary at St Columba House

Dr Jane Wallman is an ordained Anglican priest, a trained spiritual director and counsellor, who teaches Spirituality and Practical Theology, and a writer and artist. Her partner, Simon, is a trained counsellor. She writes: “The Sanctuary is a small single (or household) use retreat space in a quiet, tranquil location on the shore of the Moray Firth about 5 miles outside Inverness. Adjacent to the Sanctuary is a small, informal worship/meditation space called St Columba’s Chapel. Both have been built within 100 metres of the original St Columba’s Chapel sited on the hill at Alturlie Point – a sacred place since Saxon times. ….. We offer a “space” for people who see themselves as exploring their spiritual self. We invite people who stay to use the chapel as they feel they wish and we provide a comprehensive variety of materials and media to stimulate meditation and creativity. We invite guests to make a retreat that suits them rather than conform to external expectations. We also offer a monastic style retreat with offices and Silence ….

“We welcome with an open heart and mind anyone who is plotting a path through religious experience and understanding. We provide a unique experience in a private, confidential, and tranquil environment.”

Contact Details

The Clattach
Arurlie Point, By Allanfearn
Tel: +44 (0)1483 766498