Mayfield Salisbury Parish (Edinburgh) Church of Scotland

In a world of religious and atheistic fundamentalists and in a society paradoxically multi-faith and secular, Mayfield Salisbury celebrates the place of reason within our lives and encourages people to measure their faith and ethics by it. In our worship we wrestle intellectually with the basic questions of life: why are we here? Who and what are we? How do we find meaning in life? Together we embark on the search for truth; hoping to understand ourselves and our world with greater insight and clarity. You are welcome to join us on that journey. Worship lies at the centre of the life of this community. Our doors are open to all: those sure in their faith, those living with unanswered or unanswerable questions, those living creatively with doubt, those who have been to a church before, those never before over the door of a church, those who are happy in their lives, those who live with pain or sorrow, and those who are rich and those who are poor. No matter creed (or none), sexual orientation, colour or ethnic background: you are welcome! This is the House of God.

Contact Details

18 West Mayfield
Contact: William Mearns, Church manager
Tel: 0131 667 1522