Cairns Church of Scotland

We in Cairns, recognise an important distinction between religious needs and spiritual needs.

We believe that everyone has spiritual needs - searchings, longings, questions about what it is to be human and what life is about - but that not everyone seeks to answer these in a religious way, or by belonging to a church.

However they are expressed, we consider these deep spiritual needs to be valid and important in their own right, and we believe it is our role as a community-committed church, to help people to voice their questions about life and its meaning and to seek answers to them whether these answers take a 'religious' form or not

If their search leads people into the congregation, they will find a welcome, but our concern for them and our openness to them is unconditional.

Contact Details

11 Buchanan Street
Milngavie, Glasgow
G62 8AW
Contact: Church Office, Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm
Tel: 0141 956 4868