The doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

In a series of meetings beginning June 4th 2014 we hope to explore the meaning of Pentecost in the life of the church today. Since the advent of the second Vatican Council there has been a new vision of the pentecostal experience in the lives of many Christians. The Charismatic Movement of the seventies brought about a sense of true catholicity in the church. Many barriers between different denominations were bridged and the Roman Catholic Church in particular acknowledged for the first time 'our separated brethren in Christ.' Sadly in later years the movement stumbled and became embedded in a new wave of Biblical Literalism which emanated from America. The 'mega' churches which were spawned through the internet became very powerful and much of the impetus of Vatican Two stalled. It is hoped that this series of meetings can explore ways of developing the best features of the Catholic Renewal and the Charismatic Movement without falling into the same distortions which came about post 1975. Raymond Eveleigh.

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