Progressive Christianity, Setting Jesus Free

Why the teaching of Jesus makes as much sense today as in the first century.

Start Date:
Tuesday 18th June 2024
Start Time:
Stricklandgate Methodist Church, Kendal
Norman Burnell
0784 747 7424
Revd John Churcher,chair of Progressive Christianity Network, Britain

Revd John Churcher is a Methodist Minister stationed without appointment in the Watford Methodist Circuit. This enables him to develop ‘Permission to Speak Ministries’ to share progressive Christianity beyond the confines of a traditional church pastorate. Since 2008 his preaching and teaching ministry has concentrated on rethinking the religious and the spiritual aspects of Christianity and how to live as Jesus-centred, liberated and spiritual people in today’s world. His preaching, consultancy and workshop-based activities take him around UK and overseas.
John is chair of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain.
This meeting is organised by the Kendal Ecumenical Group which is part of the Progressive Christianity Network.

Booking Details

<p>Entrance is free and open to all.&nbsp; For a group to reserve several seats together, please text or voicemail <br /> 0784 747 7424 or email; We need only a contact name and telephone number, but would like to know your church or similar affiliation if any. </p>

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