Embracing the Other : Jesus, Identity and Inclusivity

This day will be of interest to anyone who is:
• struggling with traditional patterns of belief;
• fascinated by Jesus and his enduring impact;
• alarmed by current religion-secular impasse;
• passionate about faith’s capacity for mediating blessing.

Start Date:
Tuesday 18th June 2024
Start Time:
St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity, Broomhill, Sheffield.
Christine Alker, Administrator
0845 6434694
Revd Dr Ian Wallis
£10 (£8 for members of St Marks CRC and PCN)

Increasingly, religions are coming under scrutiny. Accused of creating divisions and fuelling hatred to lacking intellectual integrity and cocooning believers from reality, they are viewed with suspicion, if not outright hostility. Much of this disquiet revolves around how religious belief informs attitudes and shapes behaviour, especially towards those who appear different in some way.

Embracing the Other will engage with these concerns, as well as more broadly with contemporary challenges to belief, by offering an alternative approach. Taking Jesus of Nazareth as a paradigm, Ian will outline a way of conceiving faith that is not articulated through doctrinal formulation, but informs a vision of being human rooted in personal encounter and realised through embracing the ‘other’. One that interprets difference as a source of potential blessing and mutual enrichment.

Ian Wallis is the new incumbent at St Marks Church, Broomhill. The day will run from 10am til 4pm and the St Marks CRC AGM will take place at lunchtime.

Booking Details

<p>Booking forms are availble from Christine Alker or at the St Marks CRC website.&nbsp; <br /> Packed lunches may be booked at £3.45.</p>

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