Marcus Borg at Edinburgh 2010: Free MP3 download

Marcus Borg’s talks and sermon at the 2010 PCN Conference at Edinburgh. As a tribute to Marcus Borg, who died in January, this audio recording is now available as a download free of charge. To obtain your copy simply click ‘Add to Basket’ and then follow the usual check out procedure including the ‘Continue to Payment’ button. You will not be asked for money but will be navigated to an Order Confirmation page where the button to start the download will be near the bottom of the page. The button will remain live for 48 hours. If you do not want to download the conference immediately, you can copy the URL (which appears in your browser window) and return to it any time within the 48 hours. If the download is interrupted due to a internet blip then click the download link again. If you have any difficulty finding your download link again then email and we will send it to you again.

Notes from Marcus Borg to accompany his Saturday lectures, (which were numbers 2 - 4) available here

Lecture 1: What’s Christianity all about, (Friday evening’s talk) + the Sunday sermon 77 min (Tracks 1-18)

Lecture 2: Speaking Christian - Redeeming Christian Language 72 min (Tracks 19 - 37)

Lecture 3: Beyond Literalism 63 min (Tracks 38 - 53)

Lecture 4: Beyond Convention - Participating in God’s Passion for Transformation 79 min (Tracks 54 - 75)

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