Jack Spong in Glasgow 2011 Free MP3 download

This is an MP3 download of two events in Glasgow. The first track is a lecture given at Cairns Church of Scotland on Thursday June 2nd 2011, called ‘The New Testament - Where does fact stop and myth begin’. The remaining four tracks are of a conference at Orchardhill Church of Scotland on Friday June 3rd and Saturday June 4th, called ‘A New Christianity for a New World’.

You can also buy the Orchardhill conference on audio CDs for £5 or you can buy this set of MP3s on a single CD for £2.50

Track 1 The New Testament - Where does fact stop and myth begin

Track 2 God beyond theism

Track 3 Jesus - Why saviour is no longer the proper title

Track 4 Seeking Divinity through humanity

Track 5 The call of the Spirit to a new humanity

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