Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome and the Kingdom of God

DVD Series 12 Sessions

Join preeminent New Testament scholars Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan on location in Turkey as they trace the Apostle Paul’s footsteps throughout the Roman Empire. This 12-session DVD and web-based study explores fresh insights into Paul’s message of the Kingdom of God, its challenge to Roman imperial theology, and the apostle’s radical relevance for today. Filmed in High-Definition across Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

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The Theology Book Group found that these DVDs work well in conjunction with the book ‘The First Paul’ by Borg and Crossan

Participant Guide written by John Dominic Crossan.

Purchase of Eclipsing Empire includes a one-year license to use the downloadable participant and leader guides. At the end of the first year, the license to use the written materials can be renewed annually for a fee of about £36.50, payable to Living the Questions. (Please see their policy page for additional information). If this is your organisation’s second copy of Eclipsing Empire, we may be able to supply it at a reduced rate. Please contact us for details.

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