Days of Awe and Wonder by Marcus Borg

The paperback version of Marcus Borg’s book “Days of Awe and Wonder: How to be a Christian in the 21st century” was released in the UK on the 20th July 2017.

This book is a collection of some of the pivotal writings, including unpublished works from one of the most influential theologians of our time.

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Foreword by Marianne Borg

  1. Listening to the Spirit

  2. Faith is a Journey, Not a Destination

  3. Jesus, Our Model for Being Spirit-Filled

  4. My Conversion to Mysticism

  5. Reclaiming Mysticism

  6. Awe, Wonder, and Jesus

  7. Is Jesus God?

  8. Standing with Jesus Today
  9. Following the Paths of Repentance and Justice Today
  10. Renewing Our Image of Jesus

  11. Healing Our Image of God

  12. Following God’s Passions

  13. Facing Today’s Challenges

  14. The Heart and Soul of Christianity

  15. Encountering the Wisdom of Other Faiths

  16. Listening for the Voice of God 

Afterword from Barbara Brown Taylor’s Homily at Marcus Borg’s Memorial

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