Celebrating a 21st Century Faith 2013: Single CD

​A recording of the plenary sessions of a conference, held at Lumen URC in central London on Saturday 20th April 2013. The conference provided a day to explore and share how progressive churches express their Christian faith ‘on the ground’. We heard the leaders of three churches talking about how they approach some of the issues which are challenging progressive Christians - including how to create fresh, open and accessible liturgy, how to be inclusive across orientation, theology, income and age range, how to articulate ideas about faith with integrity.

NB The final tracks of this CD, tracks covering the question and answer session at the end of the conference, are of inferior audio quality, being somewhat distorted and crackly though still audible. We apologise for this. We have reflected this in the lower price of this CD.

Recording and cover design by Chris Avis

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