Bishop John Shelby Spong - Walking Forward 2015 - a 2 DVD set

On June ​14th 2015, Bishop Spong was invited by the Windsor and Maidenhead PCN group to give a lecture followed by questions. The full title was ‘Walking Forward - a lecture about where we are now and the road ahead’. These two DVDs record that occasion and contain the essence of Jack Spong’s approach to the Bible and Christianity. If you have not heard this world renowned progressive Bible scholar before, here is an ideal introduction to Bishop Spong’s ethos for Christian living. If you are familiar with much of his work already, this is an ideal refresher course of ‘Spong Concentrate’.

The DVDs are edited and indexed. £1 from every sale goes to PCN Britain. Price includes P&P.

Buying Options

This recording was made privately by Chris Avis and you need to place your order with him.  You can buy the 2 DVD set through PayPal if you have an account with PayPal.  Instructions are on the Free to Believe website.  Otherwise please send a cheque for £10 (which includes P&P) to Chris Avis at 37 Clifton Road, Exeter EX1 2BN.  He will normally mail out the CDs by return post.