Being Honest to God conference 2013: 6 CD set

The conference was jointly organised by PCN Britain and Modern Church and took place at Swanwick between Nov 8th and 10th 2013.

​This is an audio recording of the five speakers individually and then as a panel. A video recording of the conference will be available after in the New Year 2014

The speakers were

Prof Elaine Graham of Chester University, the Conference Chair. She began the conference with a talk entitled “Being Honest”.

Richard Holloway, formerly Bishop of Edinburgh spoke on the theme “Being Honest about God”.

Canon Dr Martyn Percy, Principal of Ripon

Theological College, Cuddesdon gave a talk entitled Being Honest about the Church.

Prof James Crossley, from the Biblical

Studies Department of Sheffield University spoke on “Being Honest about Jesus”.

Simon Barrow, Co-Director of Ekklesia gave a talk entitled. “Being Honest about Ourselves”.

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