September 2019 Progressive Voices

September 2019 Progressive Voices

Issue 30


2 Poem: Life-energising God

3 Welcome; Members’ Residential; Staff and Trustees
4 Chair’s Letter; Membership
5 Letters; Religion and Atheism; Faith…the Art of Unease?; Borders and Belonging; “The trials of our times”; 2020 General Synod elections
6 Ahead by a Nose
7 Demons?; The silent cries
8 Personality of same-sex marriage
10 A perspective on The Eternal
11 Life?
12 Multi-layered Spiritual Identities
14 Doing ‘Church’ Differently
15 Evangelism?
16 A Progressive Communion service
18 News from local groups
20 Reviews: Holy Envy, Every Tribe, Face to Face, The Knowable God, God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today?, The Love Line, Required to Love
22 Bible verses and the eight points
23 Poem: Let there be ...
24 Love your neighbour

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