September 2017 Progressive Voices

September 2017 Progressive Voices

Issue 22 This edition of Progressive Voices examins the issue of extremism

1 Quote: Jo Cox, Batley and Spen MP

2 Poem: A drop of water

3 Welcome; Quote: Barak Obama; Call for Contributions: Youth edition

4 Chair’s Letter; Staff and Trustees

5 Difference with Dignity

6 Love or Hate?

7 Members’ Residential Weekend; Not in my ...

8 Overcoming Violent Extremism

9 Poem: Holy Spirit

10 Islamic Voices

12 Religious Extremism

14 Beyond ‘them and us’

16 News from local groups

18 Borg Memorial Lecture

20 Reviews: Sing Out for Justice, Saving Jesus from the Church, A Book of Devotionals for Progressive Christians, Being Mindful, Being Christian, Thinking of You, Wrestling with the Word

22 Compassion; DVD Borg Memorial Lecture; Gretta Vosper—Leeds & Birmingham

23 Poem: Earth Voices

24 Poem: Independence from what?

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