Living the Question 2.0 Themes

Invitation to Journey

1. An Invitation to Journey

2. Taking the Bible Seriously

3. Thinking Theologically

4. Stories of Creation

5. Lives of Jesus

6. A Passion for Christ: Paul

7. Out into the World: Challenges Facing Progressive Christians

Honoring Creation

8. Restoring Relationships

9. The Prophetic Jesus

10. Evil, Suffering & A God of Love

11. The Myth of Redemptive Violence

12. Practicing Resurrection

13. Debunking the Rapture

14. Honoring Creation

Call to Covenant

15. A Kingdom without Walls

16. Social Justice: Realizing God’s Vision

17. Incarnation: Divinely Human

18. Prayer: Intimacy with God

19. Compassion: The Heart of Jesus’ Ministry

20. Creative Transformation

21. Embracing Mystery

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