June 2019 Progressive Voices

June 2019 Progressive Voices

Issue 29

2 Poem: Why Am I Me?

3 Welcome; Thank you; Greenbelt edition; Staff and Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter; Membership

5 Trustees; Letters; Memoriam

6 How should we pray?

7 Poem: Stevie’s Voice; Rousing finale; Poem: Eternal One

8 Trinity Sunday

9 Inspiration!

10 A Narrative of Shared Humanity

11 Introducing: Martin Bassant

12 Spiritualise

14 Changing Morality and Generation Z

15 Poems: This child, Journey home, Rainbow Revelation; Subversive

16 Falling by our own Counsels

17 Fishing

18 News from local groups

19 Events: Bonhoeffer conference, Life, Death and Everything, Our Church

20 Reflecting on ‘Perceptions’

21 Reviews: God’s Biker, Angels, What We Talk About When We Talk About Faith, Wisdom from the Christian Mystics, Haunted by Christ, A cry is Heard, Perceptions of Christianity, The Persuasion of Love, The Triumph of Christianity

24 Poem: Acceptance; Sea of Faith conference

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