December 2019 Progressive Voices

December 2019 Progressive Voices

Issue 31


2 Film Project

3 Welcome; Membership; Staff & Trustees
4 Trustee’s Letter; Letters
5 In Memoriam; PCN AGM; Modern Church Conference; PCN Science and religion conference; John Barton talk; Renewal and Rebellion Conference; 2020 General Synod elections
6 What can we believe about Jesus?
8 In Search of Truth
10 The Strutting of the Unbeliever
11 Let us tread gently
12 Forgotten Wisdom
14 On Becoming
15 Inspired by God?
16 News from local groups
17 Free to Believe Conference; JPIT
18 Reviews: Christian Economics, Badly-Behaved Bible, How to Pray, Judging Religion, Being Orthodox, Faithful Grandparents, Christian Mindfulness, Money and Soul, Seeking the God Beyond, Human Odyssey, Jesus Today, One for the Road, A Secret History of Christianity, Embodiment
22 Review: Outgrowing God by Richard Dawkins
23 Poem: Around the manger
24 Christian Environmental engagement

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