December 2018 Progressive Voices

December 2018 Progressive Voices

Issue 27

‚Äč2  Poem:  Might there be...

3  Welcome; Greenbelt edition

4  Chair's Letter;  Staff and Trustees

5  PCN Members Weekend

6  Your letters;  PCN on Social Media

7  Perceptions of Christianity;  Talks:  Dave Tomlinson, Alistair McIntosh, Barbara Brown Taylor; AGM; Conference

8  Christmas; Sing Hymns

9  Borg Memorial Conference;  Compassion; Poem; Mining for Gems

10  Learning to 'disagree well'

12  Celtic Christianity

14  The China Effect

16  Non-Conforming Companions; Poem:  Logos - The Word

17  Well-being;  Practice?

18  News from local groups

20  Reviews:  Pathway to the Stable, Just Love, Love that Dare to Speak, The Girl De-Construction Project, Past Perfection, Authentically Emergent, Other Friends of Jesus, Should the Church Abandon the Bible?

22  After the Fire

23  Christians care about Housing?

24  Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

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