The Human Spirit and the Times We Live In: Chittister and Rohr

The Human Spirit and the Times We Live In: Chittister and Rohr

DVD lecture series 12 Sessions £20 to hire

Sr. Joan Chittister and Fr. Richard Rohr explore two fundamental realities of our common experience: The Identity and Role of Women in the History and Tradition of Christianity especially in the way we face and deal with the human experience in the world today (Chittister) and the Development and Evolution of Spiritual Awareness as it applies to contemporary human experience today (Rohr).

Disc One contains the two lectures by Sr. Joan. The two lectures are divided into approximately 35 minute segments. Segment 1 is the first half of Joan’s "Divine Feminine" lecture, Segment 2 being the second half. Segment 3 is the first half of her lecture on "Women and War," with Segment 4 being the second half.

Disc Two contains Fr. Richard’s two lectures on "The Human Spirit," which have been divided into four segments, each approximately 25 minutes in length. In addition to Fr. Richard’s lectures, an extended Q & A session has been included with both Sr. Joan and Fr. Richard responding to questions from the audience.

Participant questions for each section which can be downloaded - web address with DVD pack. (

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