The Challenge of Jesus by Dominic Crossan

The Challenge of Jesus by Dominic Crossan

DVD series 16 sessions £25 to hire

Renowned historical Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan presents his life's work developing the unexplored matrix of Jesus' unique time and place in a provocative new resource for small group discussion in homes, churches and retreats. The series is divided into 4 Themes: The World of Jesus; The Life of Jesus; The Death of Jesus; & The Resurrection of Jesus. Each theme is subdivided into 4 segments of 15-18 minutes each for easy integration into class curriculum. (Total of 16 sessions plus prologue and epilogue). This is a well produced, illustrated presentation. Participant questions can be downloaded. There is also an accompanying book available. Because of its weight you may choose to leave out the book to keep postage to a minimum. (

A PCN group has said of this DVD: "The course is so profound that it has changed so much of our thinking, a very good presentation that is well worth spending time watching and discussing."

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