Beyond Theology

Beyond Theology

DVD series 10 Sessions £15 to hire

Beyond Theology explores the evolution of consciousness. The series examines topics such as the challenges confronting humanity and the changing representations of God. Throughout the ten-part series, noted theologians, scholars and authors reflect upon the fundamental challenges of our time, addressing the roots of contemporary culture wars and global environmental crises. The series focuses on the emergence of a worldview that integrates science and spirituality, while exploring the notion that the guiding myths of modern civilization are in transition.

Series participants include Karen Armstrong, Dr James Forbes, Sister Joan Chittister, Bishop John Spong and Huston Smith. The series is hosted by Charles Atkins.

Mary McMahon, PCN vice chair, has used this series and says it is worthwhile though she warns that one of the episodes relates to the US government and is therefore less relevant to a UK audience. John Churcher, PCN Britain Chair, says it may not be one for new comers to progressive Christianity, but it is excellent in tapping into the new consciousness of open thinkers across the faiths.

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