Everything Must Change; Jesus, Global Crisis, and a Revolution of HopeEverything Must Change; Jesus, Global Crisis, and a Revolution of Hope

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Our world faces unprecedented challenges and crises, and the church will either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. To be a part of the solution, followers of Christ must be ready for a bold new adventure of faith and action.

Expanding on his provocative book, Everything Must Change, the Everything Must Change DVD, by acclaimed author and emergent church leader Brian McLaren, shows how a fresh understanding of the message of Jesus brings healing and sanity to the three major societal and global crises of our time; a damage environment, a growing gap between rich and poor and growing threat of catastrophic war.

This DVD study will help participants discover what the life and teaching of

Jesus has to say about the most critical global problems facing our world today.

Perfect for a small group or individual use, this DVD includes

- Personal anecdotes from Brian, summarising and expanding on each section of the Everything Must Change book.

- DVD footage of Brian’s nationwide tour

- Questions and discussion starters for small groups or personal reflection.

- Leaders guide for helping groups or classes engage with this ground breaking and life-changing message.

This resource includes 1 DVD and a workbook

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