Advent Calendar - 12 habits of reflection

Advent Calendar - 12 habits of reflection

Rose Castle Foundation offer a resource for Advent

Welcome to our Habits Advent Calendar

Habits | Rose Castle Foundation

Throughout December we will be releasing a preview of our 12 habits, opening the door to reflections and practices that shape us as reconcilers, starting in small ways straight away.

These habits are a distillation of 'the Rose way', the bedrock of our approach to reconciliation. Explore the doors below and keep an eye out for when they will be opened - one door every couple of days.

Let us know how you get on with rooting these habits within your own tradition and applying them to your context. We are so looking forward to hearing from you - your experiences will enrich this journey for us all.

Share photos and reflections with your social media networks using the hashtag #HabitsOfAReconciler

The Rose Castle Foundation

Canon Sarah Snyder is the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Special Adviser for Reconciliation programmes and resources, working as his Adviser since 2016. From 2014-2016 she was Director of Partnerships at Religions for Peace International, and directed conflict schools for the Cambridge Interfaith Programme at the University of Cambridge from 2011-2015.

When Rose Castle, the 800-year old seat of the bishops of Carlisle, became vacant, Canon Sarah saw in its thick defensive walls an opportunity to invite strangers in, rather than shut them out. To unite enemies rather than to conquer or repel. Rose Castle Foundation was born from this vision and now welcomes strangers from both sides of a divide to live and learn together.

Building on prior experience with Cambridge University’s Interfaith Programme (CIP), Rose Castle Foundation launched its flagship Emerging Peacemakers programme in 2018, partnering with CIP, Al-Azhar University and Lambeth Palace. Together, they convened and trained 45 Muslims and Christians from Egypt, the Gulf, and the UK. One year on, external evaluation showed 93% of participants had built on the relationships developed at the programme across faith differences.

Rose Castle Foundation has since run programmes across the globe, equipping leaders from Nigeria, Pakistan, Oman, Ireland and the USA in reconciliation skills and practices. Now staffed by a fast-growing team, the Foundation is mobilising a global network of alumni equipped to actively transform conflict in their local contexts, working with partners across multiple sectors to reimagine collaborative approaches to reconciliation at all levels of society.