Young Irish theologian shakes up the Church

Young Irish theologian shakes up the Church

'You can't be satisfied; life is difficult; you don't know the secret. Stop selling God as the answer' says Peter Rollins

This is a press release from the Progressive Christianity Network Britain and the Student Christian Movement. Together they are hosting a conference with Peter Rollins in November 2014

The Christian habit of trying to convince non-believers that their lives would be transformed if they could only find God is off the agenda for Peter Rollins. This popular young theologian is challenging the Church to adopt a new approach to faith which transcends the usual preoccupations of Christians.

Author of How (Not) to Speak of God and The Idolatry of God, Rollins critiques the Church for selling God as the answer to uncertainty and dissatisfaction. In contrast, he will tell a Christian audience next month, "you can't be satisfied; life is difficult; you don't know the secret."

Rollins redefines God, original sin, church, belief, the meaning of Jesus’ death and a whole host of other long held assumptions of the Christian faith. He says, ‘There is another, more radical form of freedom hinted at in the Gospels - not the freedom to pursue what we believe will satisfy us, but freedom from the pursuit of what we believe will satisfy us.’

Rollins comes from Northern Ireland where he founded the Ikon community in Belfast. He describes himself as part of the Emergent Church dialogue. Nowadays, he is in demand around the world. His only appearance in Britain this year will be at a conference hosted by the Progressive Christianity Network Britain and the Student Christian Movement, from November 14th – 16th at the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire. He will be supported by two other leading postmodern thinkers in the UK, Katharine Sarah Moody and George Elerick.

Conference organiser, Paul Onslow of PCN says: Christianity is undergoing a revolution as important as Copernicus discovering we are not at the centre of the universe. Peter is deconstructing long held assumptions that we Christians fear to let go. He invites us to speak of God in new ways. The age old distinctions between theism and atheism are no longer the issue.”

From SCM, Debbie White adds "Christianity and the Church are at a crossroads - do we stick to the same way of doing things or change course? Students can play a defining role in shaping the future, and this conference will be a fantastic opportunity to grapple with that question and find new and interesting approaches to faith."

Should you wish to interview Peter Rollins please contact Paul Onslow, 07815 685047,

Tickets are still available to attend the conference. There are full residential, part residential, non-residential and day tickets on sale. More information. Purchase tickets

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