Will General Synod 2020 represent a Church welcoming, open and inclusive for all?

Will General Synod 2020 represent a Church welcoming, open and inclusive for all?

Inclusive Church organisation working with others to ensure it does

The Church of England’s General Synod is due for re-election in 2020, and Inclusive Church are working in partnership with a coalition of inclusive organisations to ensure there will be good representation for people wanting a welcoming, open and inclusive church for all. The campaign has produced the leaflet (you can download from this page) giving and overview of what is happening and what you can do to prepare. With Deanery Synod elections taking place just before the main General Synod elections it is also important that lay people know what will be happening and how they can be involved. Could you pass this leaflet on to churches and people who you know share the inclusive values of the campaign. Please print out copies and pass them on to people who might be interested. Getting the message out and raising awareness, both with clergy and laity, will be essential to ensuring there are enough candidates standing in every diocese and voters in position to elect them. With Deanery Synod elections also taking place earlier in 2020 it is an ideal time for lay people to become more involved and be able to vote for General Synod. If you are interested in knowing more about General Synod, perhaps with a view to standing for election, please contact Nic Tall (synod@inclusive-church.org). The next twelve months will help set the course of the C of E until 2025, and it is important that a strong inclusive voice is elected to Synod.”

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