Visiting speaker from Australia arrives this week

Visiting speaker from Australia arrives this week

PCN Britain is pleased to welcome Dr Val Webb, a leading writer and speaker on progressive Christianity on her début tour of the UK.

​Val Webb has written ten books and taught at theological colleges in the US and Australia. She has recently revised and extended her first book, In Defence of Doubt and it is to elaborate on this theme that she has been invited to the UK.

Further interest: Val Webb’s blog on this website. Links to details of all ten tour events are at the bottom of the blog


1 On 13/06/2013 Tony Rutherford wrote:

I have heard that Val Webb is speaking in London on July 2nd. Does anyone have any details?


2 On 17/06/2013 PCN Web Manager wrote:

Val Webb’s last venue in the UK is St Albans on Monday 1st July.  This meeting was originally planned for 2nd July but had to be moved.  You will find a list of all the venues and times for Val’s tour at the foot of her blog, the link for which is given in the news item above.

Andy Vivian

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