Tickets for Brian McLaren tour go on sale

Tickets for Brian McLaren tour go on sale

October 8th - 15th 2016. All eight venues are now confirmed. London, Exeter, Cardiff, Birmingham, Largs, Manchester, Newcastle and Harrogate.

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People by the millions are migrating out of traditional religion - some into secularism, some into experimental forms of non-religious spirituality. But even within religious communities, people are on the move, migrating in exciting new directions.

In his upcoming book, The Great Spiritual Migration, McLaren explores three conversions or spiritual migrations. Spiritually, McLaren advocates a migration from Christian faith defined as a system of beliefs to a love-centred way of life. Theologically, he challenges people to move from defending God as a violent Supreme Being to experiencing and embodying God as the non-violent Holy Spirit. Missionally, he explores how congregations can move from being institutional outposts of organised religion to networked cells of organising religion. In The Great Spiritual Migration, McLaren invites readers to join a movement that can shift the direction of Christian faith to be more in sync with its founder, more life-giving for individual Christians and congregations, and more of a just, generous, and joyful resource for the whole world.

At each venue there are three ticket prices

  • Standard ticket
  • PCN Britain member's (or CRC) discount ticket. (Are you interested in membership?)
  • Full time student ticket. (Students will be asked to provide the name of the institution they attend).

At the London venue, there is a further option to buy a ticket for the evening session only.

Sat Oct 8th: London, Oasis Church, Waterloo, SE1 7QP, Day sessions from 11am. Evening session: 7.30pm. Tickets (all sessions): £25, £20, £10. Evening alone: £8

Sun Oct 9th: Exeter, Mint Methodist Church Centre, EX4 3AT. Afternoon conference from 1400, Tickets: £10/£8/£5. Evening 'Holy Ground' service at the cathedral starts 1900, open to all.

Mon Oct 10th: Cardiff, City United Reformed Church, CF10 3BZ, at 1930, Tickets: £10/£8/£5

Tue Oct 11th: Birmingham, St Martin in the Bull Ring, B5 5BB, at 1900, Tickets: £10/£8/£5

Wed Oct 12th: Largs, Ayreshire, St Columba's Parish Church, KA30 8LX, 1930 Tickets: £10/£8/£5

Thu Oct 13th: Manchester, The Cathedral, M3 1SX, at 1930, Tickets: £10/£8/£5

Fri Oct 14th: Newcastle, St Thomas the Martyr, NE1 7PF, at 1900, Tickets: £10/£8/£5

Sat Oct 15th: Harrogate, St Mark’s Church, HG2 8AY, Sessions start at 1000. Tickets: £20/£17/£5

Tickets can be booked online here. Alternatively, you can pay by a cheque made payable to PCN Britain, which should be sent to PCN Britain, 26 High Street, Newnham, Gloucestershire, GL14 1BB. Please be sure to say which venue you are buying for and to give the name(s) of those attending. If buying a student ticket you should also give the name of the school or college attended. Student tickets are intended for full time students. Bursaries are available and you will find an application form here

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