Ticket sales record on Brian McLaren tour

Ticket sales record on Brian McLaren tour

Half way through Brian McLaren's tour of the UK he has already outsold all previous conference tours organised by PCN Britain

Large numbers have been attending Brian McLaren's eight day speaking tour of the UK. He began his tour with a full day conference at the Oasis Centre in central London last Saturday (October 8th). The day concluded with a recorded conversation between the Oasis pastor, Steve Chalke and McLaren. Both pastors, Chalke and McLaren, have created waves in traditional Christian circles by their refusal to toe the line on matters such as gay marriage and Biblical literalism.

A video recording of events at the Oasis Centre will be available soon from the PCN website shop...

In his talks, McLaren​ has been drawing on material from his latest book, The Great Spiritual Migration. He argues that Christianity should be allowed to evolve - that its adherents are spiritual migrants. The migration is away from fixed approaches to belief and a self justifying laager mentality towards a faith based on practicing the life of compassion that Jesus himself taught and demonstrated. He says churches should provide an education in compassion. His agenda for compassionate action focusses on climate change, poverty and peace. He encourages progressive Christians to speak out about their faith with confidence because unless they do, the public will continue to associate Christianity only with those who take a more traditional approach. But he stresses the need to disagree in a courteous manner. It may be sufficient simply to say, 'I see it differently' rather than seek to demolish orthodoxy.

After London, McLaren addressed meetings in Exeter, Cardiff and Birmingham. Today he is in Largs. Tomorrow evening he is in Manchester and on Friday in Newcastle. Finally, McLaren will lead a full day conference in Harrogate on Saturday 10th October. Details of these venues and how to buy tickets can be found here

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